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About Us

About Mashdemy

We have all the infrastructure to educate your child

Technology in all aspects has revolutionized every industry, and the Education industry is no different. Studying the industry made us feel that there is something odd in the way LIVE tuitions are being dealt with during the pandemic . Analyzing and deep researching on the same gave us the revelation that the issue surrounds every aspect of teaching to learning to outcome.

The present online education is no different in teaching. They offer the old, rusty notes just like the traditional thinking and processing! It’s long time we need to bring the change in the system how it is functioned. This is where we pop in!

Mashdemy is an Edtech start-up that offers multiple learning modules and courses through LIVE Teaching Sessions CBSE, IGCSE, IB, NEET, JEE, AI, ML, Coding (1-1), Soft Skills, Employability Skills, Parenting Skills, SE Classes, etc.


Our vision is simple;
To ensure you become A citizen of the Digital World with 21st Century skills.


Our mission is to thrive and endeavor to attain our Vision. To see the world filled with young minds who badged the technology-friendly check.

Reserve your class for as long as you want by the hour, day or month

We embed technology into the existing education syllabus to bring the best outcome. Mashdemy works around result-oriented assignments to ensure high quality 21st Century education, which is goal oriented through personalized student-parent-friendly approach. Our Mashdemy Scholars are well-versed and highly qualified in their respective expertise level.

We have got everything. From academics, coding, leadership training, reasoning, analyzing, critical thinking, self-direction, self-discipline, public speaking, to debate, and gaining all skills personalised for you to become the perfect tech-citizen.

Unique Benefits

Why are we one-of-a-kind?

A gaming field filled with creativity, reasoning, and movements is a finger touch away.

We offer you an engaging platform with best-in-class coding tutors to fall in love with all the tactics of coding language. We help you build a creative programming land where everything moves and works by your command making you the master of creativity and logical reasoning.

Communication and Creativity

From brainstorming to being creative to exploring different plots of coding, we provide the best coding classes to enhance your creativity and communication, a must for Coding kids!

Abstract Thinking

Abstract thinking helps the kids to think and understand about the big picture and think beyond ‘here and now.’ Deep thinking helps in relating everything and anything!

Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning has become a necessity now for the kids to think critically and engage in various day to day activities. Logical reasoning helps kids to face, solve, and optimize risks in coding and in life.

Project Planning

Projects made with best learning aids help the kids to walk through the steps necessary to gain their end goal. It also helps the kids to complete the task in given time and not panic at the last day of deadline!

Our Team

Meet Our Young and Dedicated Team

Academic Head
Shilpa Raghu
Academic Coordinator
Sandeep Nag
Human Resource
Jevin Mary
English Subject Head