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21st Century Learners

Become a citizen of digital world with 21st century skills.

We integrate technology into the existing education system to achieve the best outcome. We have everything for you from Grade wise learning to Coding and other Skills you need to welcome the centuries to come.

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Mashdemy – Learning Made Easy

Learn to Love the Art of Learning Starting Now

Next-level teaching with a team of expertise to boost the learning process in an innovative and tech-friendly way.

Designed to build industry-valued skills, AI is always in the forefront of tech-driven society. Learn AI tactics by enrolling now.

Public Speaking and Mannerism are only a few courses to upgrade the way you think and act!


We follow the Central Board of Secondary Education, India’s Updated Curriculum Syllabi for K-12 Sections.

We follow Cambridge Assessment International Education to be ready for the challenges and to fuel the curiosity in children.

From Emotional, Social, to the Refined Motor Skills, and Literacy, choose to become the 21st Century talented minis.

Build problem solving skills, simplified math, improves critical thinking, help build a better logical, and decision-making skills.

Mashdemy Benefits

How is Mashdemy going to help me?


Learn to solve problems in a creative way by participating in the debates sessions to fuel the leader in you.

Group Discussions

Participate in group discussions to enhance listening, speaking and thinking skills to become the next leading speakers.

Case Studies

Critical thinking improves focusing on topic and real time examples to improve learning and problem solving ability.

Assignments and Quizzes

Everyday assignments to improve the learning process, MCQs and assessments to rev up the easy learning process.

Launching to Mashdemy Live Classes

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You are just a fingertip away from scoring the best results by our popular courses tailored from an examination point of view. Try our demo classes to know how our teachers help you to attain flying colours.

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Mashdemy opens an interactive door for the students and teachers to solve any subject related queries and explain the concepts in an easy way.

Language Skills

On Mashdemy our students would easily engage themselves in conversation, dialogue, discussion and discourse in peer-peer mode, and with teachers on various themes. We focus on the LSRW scheme to mould into a native speaker.

Mathematical Skills

Students would develop a connection between daily life contexts and that of mathematical thinking. Understand shapes and articulate their observable properties as similarities and differences among them.


We have well designed assessments as we believe that assessment and its associated feedback are essential to student learning. We aim to support active learning rather than just Assessment of Learning.

“I am happy I chose Mashdemy. They give individual attention to each and every one of the students. Teachers are very helpful and understanding. What I love most is how teachers simplify the answers and give us notes for better understanding of the subject. They are the best! ”

We will Never Treat you Like a Number!

Got a Homework? Fighting to get Good Grades? This is the Right Stepping Stone!

Our mentors are here to kindle and ignite the passion in your child to learn and to lead and pass on. To bring teams together, anytime, anywhere.