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Coding for Kids

LIVE Coding Made Easy For Kids!

Enrich your child’s knowledge with the future ready skills. Our LIVE Coding classes help your child to build problem solving skills, simplified math, improves critical thinking, help build a better logical, and decision-making skills.

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Coding for Kids

Let’s Learn to Code

Learning to code steers your path towards great career opportunities, enhances computational skills, develops logical reasoning, and enhances creativity.

Coding is gaining the spotlight across applications in our personal and professional lives. We need to take charge of preparing ourselves and our students for the future.


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We offer you an engaging platform with best-in-class coding tutors to fall in love with all the tactics of coding language. We help you build a creative programming land where everything moves and works by your command making you the master of creativity and logical reasoning.

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Why is learning Coding important for Kids?

One thing the ongoing Pandemic has benefited humanity is by paving the way to emerge into a whole new era of tech-driven living stations.
Movie theatres are replaced by Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar… Youtube videos are hiking like none other! Similarly, Traditional books and paper are replaced by Pdfs and smart notes, classroom training and worksheets are now taken over by Zoom and Microsoft Teams LIVE classes. How Coding Helps in the Future? A single touch of technology acts as a catalyst bringing forth booming opportunities in Coding and Programming as well!

Can anybody Code?

Afraid to learn how to Code, am I eligible enough? This is one of the few questions that meddles with anyone’s brain! The answer is quite simple, learning Coding is not restricted to any age limit! Can Coding make me rich?
Ruchi ( Facebook’s 1st female Engineer), Jack ( Founder of Twitter), Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook)… all understood the assignment and started off learning Coding at a very young age, teens age to be precise! All you need is patience to code, discipline to code, passion to code, adapt to code, and obvious challenges you can encounter while coding.
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Our Secret Recipe to Learn Coding!

Before jumping into the coding benefits, you must know how coding helps you. Coding helps you to solve a problem, a critical one, in a very easy way.
First- We teach you how to approach the critical problem Second-We assist you to divide it into simpler tasks Third- We ensure that you master the problem solving technique like a pro! If you are lucky enough, you will witness the automated world, which you are seeing now. From booking meals to ordering clothes, our pretty world has grown to be a fine woman!

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We are here to bring out a major change in the learning outcome through LIVE Coding Classes by focusing on areas such as cognitive learning, logical and critical thinking, and decision making, which are very vital to gain confidence to learn and lead 21st Century coding skills.


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